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The company has been operating in the Port of Muuga since 1992. The main range of handled cargoes is coal, mineral and building materials, timber, sawn timber, metal and metal scrap, mineral fertilizers and other. The cargo turnover exceeds 2,500,000 tons a year.
Under the, severe competition on the part of both Russian ports and Baltic stevedoring companies the activities of "Stivis" are successfully developing, such as:
Comprehensive services for cargo handling
Cargo declaring
Rendering services for the improvement of cargo condition, in particular coal grading
Competitive rates and the high quality of operations

NB! Dear customers!
Our company provides a new service - weighing of cargo by truck scales.
Rates for 2015:
   -  once weighing – 10 € + VAT
   -  twice weighing – 15 € + VAT
* In the case of large quantities of weighing on the rate reduction factor applied.   
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